Alumni Emails From Around The World

Send in your pics of faraway lands and tropical paradises for us all to share!


Jack is spending this summer cruising in his 40 foot sail boat 'Intrepid,' with the goal of sailing to Glacier Bay, Alaska, then back to Long Beach, CA. 

The Beginning

Part Two

Seamond Ponsart Roberts

Seamond and her husband, David, lived in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina. It's an ongoing, horrific experience. They need our prayers and positive thoughts. If you have any faith in FEMA, the postal service, or an insurance company, you won't after reading her e-mails.
May 17, 2006

February 21, 2006
December 24, 2005
September 4, 2005 -
The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
The Lighthouse - This article is about the loss of a ship during a storm when Seamond's father was a lighthouse keeper.

Veronica (Roni Star) Parry
The down under woman...

...and just check out Roni's husband Jim with his catch of the day!!!


That's Roni on the second camel, in the back

on Cable Beach at Broome,  in W/Aus

Roni on the town in Broome

Kisses from Cable Beach !!!


Ann Sargent Greene

 Diving at Little Caymen


Ann Sargent Greene and husband Mike in Thailand



Walter and his wife, Jidnah

Walter and Monkey buddy in Lop Buri, Thailand, where the monkeys roam free in town.

Walter Schneider

In Saudi Arabia...