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Got a call from her daughter LouAnn Mc Nitt who lives in West Orlando Florida on Sunday. Seamond and her husband are o.k. There were in the early evacuation process in New Orleans and are now in  Tabasco Land, New Iberia only eight miles from the Tabasco plant on Avery Island, Louisiana. They have rented a Small Trailer for a month in hopes that they will be able to return home soon. All I have is a mailing address of P.O. Box 13104 New Iberia La. 70562, and her Daughters Phone #.  In case you would like to contact her.   

Yours Truly...RICEARONI



Date: 09/04/05 12:49:46




Hi, This is Lorna, Seamond's oldest daughter.  First off they are safe and sound.  They made it New Iberia.  Mom has been calling me when she can as the cellphone does not work real well.  They found an old trailer to rent, its not much, but its better than the van.  YOu can call me for further information at 407-438-9400.  Please have your address and contact information available.  Mom and David have a P.O. Box 13104, New Iberia, LA  70562-3104 for the time being.  They have not gotten any help from FEMA as they were told on the phone that "they were too busy to talk to them"  Its going to be at least a month before they can get back.  I am going to try and get them hooked up with a phone but we will see.


If you want to send them anything, you can either send it to the P.O. Box or to me as well, I am putting to gether an address book as Mom lost hers.


Thank you for keeping them in your prayers

Lorna Pierce



I tried getting in touch with Seamond before going to the breakfast....all phone #'s were no good. decided to check my e-mail fefore leaving and found this.......from her daughter....Just when you think your day is not going well you can always find someone else with a worse day than your own 


Subject: Seamond and David update.

October 3, 2005

To all Mom's friends;


 Well the saga never ends. 


Mom and David went to New Iberia on Thursday, loaded up what they could in the truck and headed to New Orleans.  They had no idea what they would find and let me tell you it gets bad from here.  While they were on their way to see if or what was left of their house, they were in a car accident.  A woman hit them from behind doing about 78 mph on the highway.  The truck's back end is bent under but they could still drive and drive they did as they still had to get to the house.  When they got there, the first thing was that Mom was delighted to see that her dog she left behind was okay, however, as they were standing in the yard, one of the neighbor's dogs jumped over a fallen tree and attacked Tuffy.  David tried to separate the dogs and the crazy dog went after David.  He got his gun and shot at it and missed but the dog ran across the street and just glared at them.  So not only have they been out of their home for a month, had a car wreck, they now have the O.K corral in the front yard.  And all this happened before they even got to assess the damage to the house.  My poor mother has probably aged 20 years in a month.


The house is badly damaged.  A huge tree fell through through the back of the house and into the kitchen.  There is evidence of looting and they cannot even get into the back of the house because of the tree.  They had to kick in the front door and its a mess.  However, they got out what they could and headed back to New Iberia to get the cat and to go to the hospital as both of them are now certain they have a whiplash/back injury from the accident.


Mom's NEW address in pineville and her 2 cell phone numbers, call her, write her.  the level of distraughtness is incredible and they need all the friends they can get.


Physical Address is:

Seamond and David Roberts

174 Philadelphia Street

Lot 174

Pineville, LA  71360


Mailing address is:

P.O. Box 395

Libuse, LA  70148


She has TWO cell phone numbers as one works sometimes and sometimes the other one works;


504-236-1395 and 337 -519-8983


She and David are going to the hospital today to see how badly they are hurt, so you might want to wait a day or two before calling.  You can also contact me at 407-438-9400.


Keep them in your prayers.




Lorna Pierce