Friday 9/26/03

Picnic at De Anza Cove



L &  R –Herman Gussa 56, Ricearoni  58, Bob Zamba 57

Alan Lambert 58, Vonnie Varner 58

L to R Paul Sincock 58, Donna Leverenz Barrett, Jim Campbell, Auzie Ice Man

Picnic Hugs, also included, Larry Littlefield 57, Ricearoni 58, hugin Roy Bighouse, Bill Swank's back 58, Jimmy King 58

L to R Jerry Sandlin 57, Bill Reich 57, Paul Sincock 58

L Pete Hansen 58, R Mr. Quincy "Don" Wemple, 50's Teacher

Donna Gibson Shuffler 57, Guyton North 57

L to R Ricearoni 58, Stan Henninger 58, Bill Swank 58

Jewell Muncrief Hodge 59

L to R Barbara Bell, Jewel Hodge, Karen Cravens, Barbara Haworth, Mary Noble

L to R Ed & Mary Lee Niethold 56 R Fred & Kris Matteson 56

Theryn Wagner 59, Barbara Grayson Bell 59, Hermon Gussa

Andy Swank 59, Linda Weber Dotson

L to R Jimmy King 58, John Raymond , Bill Curtis 59,  Jeff Raymond 59

Larry Littlefield 57, Julie Peterson 59

L to R- Dave Gnade 58, John Raymond, Herman Gussa 56, Jeff Raymond 59, Gail Raymond 

Orpha Higley 58, Kay Preston (Roni's Mom)

Jim Campbell, Carol Elison

Please notify us if you have names or corrections on here