Fourth Day

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Class of 1958 Picnic

When: About 9 AM -About 4 PM

Where: De Anza Cove, Look for the Mission Bay Banner

This is a BYOE (bring your own everything) event.  So remember food, beverages, sunscreen, something upon which to sit, camera ...

We know some of you will be coming from out-of-town, and the motels may frown on you walking off with a chair or two, but some of us will try to bring a few extras, and anyway we do a lot of walking around, so someone's chair is usually empty and up for grabs.

You may have to go to KFC for food, or Ralph's on Mission Blvd. sells sandwiches at their deli.  Those are two ideas, but there are lots of places to get somethng to bring to the picnic.   Bring yourself.  We look forward to seeing you.



I hope the map thing works, it is pretty long, and it shows the actual cove, not where we meet.  Just come south on Mission Bay Drive.  You do not go into the water as the map shows.  But it should give you a general idea where it is, especially for those of you who have been away for a long time.

See you on Sunday

For any questions or more information contact Orpha Higley



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