Brief Schedule

All 5 days- Black & White Edition

Day 1-Thursday, October 2, 2008

Golf Tournament

When :   8AM

Where: The Mission Bay Golf Course   for more information see the web site, or

Contact: Cecil Shuffler ,  phone: 619-224-4559


Pernicano's Get Together

When:    6PM

Where: Pernicano's Family Restaurant,  711 Turquoise St.

Contact: Linda Moreno Robertson    phone: 858-695-1367



Day 2-Friday, October 3, 2008

Mission Bay High School Tour

When: 9:30 AM for the dedication of the Vietnam Memorial Plaque; 10AM for the Tour

Where: At the Front (Grand St.) entrance gate, near the flag pole

Contact: Karen Young    phone: 858-273-0368


    Friday Night Get Together

When: 4PM-6PM *see "colored" page for more information about activities

Where: The "Firefly" at The Dana Inn, 1710 West Mission Bay Drive  phone: (619) 222-6440

Contact: Vonnie Varner Martins   phone: 858-270-3077



Day 3-Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Saturday Breakfast

When: about 9:30 AM

Where: Coco's Bakery & Restaurant,  5955 Balboa (at Mt. Alifan/Mt. Abernathy)

Contact:  Marie , phone: 858-483-8586,   Orpha  phone:858-274-8850

                Bill Swank  phone: 858-274-7999



The Reunion Dinner-Dance

When: 6 PM-

Where: The Mission Bay Yacht Club--1215 El Carmel Place (858) 488-0501

Contact: Bill Swank  phone: 858-274-7999



Day 4- Sunday, October 5, 2008

Class of 1958 Picnic

When: 9 AM - 4PM, come and go as you like

Where: De Anza Cove,  Look for the Yellow banner

Contact: Orpha Higley  phone:858-274-8850



Day 5-Monday, October 6, 2008

Hike/Bike/Lunch at the Hilton

When: 9:30 AM(meet for walk or bike ride); 11:20 AM  (meet to go to lunch) ;11:30AM  (for lunch)

Where: on the bay side of the Hilton Hotel, between the pool area and boat concession-(this is where you will meet to start the trek);

            The Hilton's bay side board walk (meet to go to lunch)

            The Hilton's Acqua Restaurant  (for lunch)


Contact: Nancy Albright Albright  phone: 808-345-6487;

                Chuck Mc Gregor   phone: 619-265-2896