David has just passed, and sitting here reflecting upon the numerous ideas and circumstances that could take place to honor him, I feel very strongly to give you his heart.

 David’s heart was for the people he cared about. He was a very strong end-time prophet of God, and was convinced of the end times coming upon us. He wrote a story about it, in the form of a screenplay. His heart was that people he cared about would be warned. So I have decided to give you his story to do with as you wish. The time you would have spent honoring David by attending a service, thinking about him, speaking about him—you could use that time to read what he wrote. Read a portion, or read the whole thing, as you feel you need to. Don’t read it at all, if that’s your wish. However, I do know that David is pleased at this point that he’s gotten it into your hands for your consideration.

 This all-consuming message became a heavy burden for him and for me. It made for a not-so-happy camper. However, the times he was able to put the message on the back burner—that’s when he recharged himself. That is when he played. I, and our little dog Mozart, attempted to drag him everywhere; he managed to escape us and do the things he loved so much. Jazz fanatic that he was, he made endless CDs and blessed his friends and strangers . . . wrote a few stories, indulged in sports, YouTube, TV. He was a lover of planes. He was not the most energetic person because of that bum heart of his, so all of his activities were sit-down.

 David possessed so many amazing qualities. The once that sticks out most is his faithfulness—especially to his study of the Word of God. Never, ever did he not do what he said he was going to do. He was dependable, and so very generous. If you became his friend, you could not lose him. He stuck—no matter what.

 And he stuck with me, despite how very opposite we were. He loved his food . . . I hate to cook.  He sat . . . I am active.  He hated change . . . I invented change—drove him nuts! I could go on, but that’s enough. Thank you, David.

 And thank you all for being his friend. Be blessed, all of you. May you find Jesus here on earth, before you will face Him in heaven.

 From me, Margie, his wife, I know that David—his heart, his soul, everything about David—was what you read in his story: The Enemy Within, the Enemy Without. If you would like to read it, please click on this link: