Happy 70th Birthday

On Saturday, September 4th, 2010,we celebrated our 70th Birth Year.  We had a great time at the party at Vonnie Varner Martins' home that afternoon. 
Bill Swank did his usual magic with this "group" picture, and we all looked lovely in the football jersey.




              me                        nancy 
Marie Gilmour Davila, Vonnie Varner Martins, & friend                                   Mario Ramirez, Nancy Albright Albright 
                               wayne                          stair_bill                                                                           
                 Bill Swank and Wayne Lollis eclipse most of the classmates.....                                      but we got a good picture anyway                      
stair                   chefs                                                            
Another staircase picture                                                                       The Chefs: Bill Phillips; John Torres; Andy Saraspe
                                                                                                  Great Job!!!
Thanks to Vonnie and to Bill Swank for these pictures
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