Upon graduation Wayne Fink and I went into the Air Force. I spent 20 years and retired in1978. I had assignments in Florida, Philippines, Germany, Greenland, Germany and Texas. Also, in the military you can have short temporary assignments. My two most notable were in Goosebay, Labrador where I did an audit and got to fish in the backwoods. The other was doing an audit of the US Embassy in Rabat, Morocco during the middle east war. While in the military I obtained a BS degree in Accounting from William Carey College, Hattiesburgh, Ms. Also, in the military I started my accounting practice in San Antonio. I worked the business for five years than sold it. I believed I could earn a decent salary playing blackjack in Las Vegas because I can count cards. After six months, I realized the house really has the advantage. WOW, 6 months alone in Vegas. After leaving Vegas I went to work for Hughes/Bendix in Saudi Arabia for 2 years as an internal audit manager. My final working days was a civilian doing internal audits for the Air Force. I had assignments in AZ, NM, and TX. In 1962 I got married and we subsequently divorced in 1994. We had no children, however, we adopted a 7 year girl named Jane. In life Jane received a master degree from Western Washington who then became a college professor at Valpariaso University until her death of cancer in 2013. I did remarry a beautiful San Antonio rose (oralia) and we have been together going on 20 years. In 1999 we decided it was time to quit work and enjoy the things we like to do. For the past 15 years we have done a lot of traveling in the pacific northwest, southwest, and the south. We have visited numerous places such as Crazy Horse in SD, Yellowstone and Zion Natl Parks. On our trips we would go through caverns and any old cavalry forts we came upon. We love the old west memorabilia and indian artifacts. On the east coast we visited the rock&roll hall of fame, niagara falls, and the baseball fall of fame. We don't do much traveling anymore due to minor health issues such as arthritis, however, we do Branson twice a year. For the most part we live a very quiet life on our few acres just outside San Antonio. We have birds, deer, racoons, and any other creatures that come along on the property. Maintaining the land and investing in the stock market does keep me busy. I love to sit outside and have reminiscence of my teenage days in San Diego and having Chuck McGregor and Frank Over as best friends and the things we did.