Mission Bay High School
Class of 58'

In Loving Memory of the Classmates of 58'

In memory of our deceased classmates and friends who have 
crossed our paths and touched our lives.
They remain absent 
from this world, but forever present in our memories.

Though the voice is quiet, the spirit echoes still...

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Ambort, Carl Alexander 5/3/2009
Ames, Norman  2001
A'Neal Shaver, Virginia(Ginger)
Anthony, Lee  

Bearrup, Roger  
Bailey, Mary
Bailey, Sharon
Barron, Ronald K. 8/18/2010
Bash, Mike
Baugh, Joanne
Brandt, Leroy (class of '56)
Branthoover Dicataldo, Kathleen
Bruce, David  7/20/2018
Buck, Gerald D. 1/10/2018

Carrico Willard, Pat
Catalano, Richard 
Cazin, Frances
Cerney, Bill 12/20/2010
Clark, Judy
Close, Ted 5/15/2005
Cress, Gary
Curtis Clyburn, Patricia
Dean Dudbridge, Carole 4/10/2006
Dinsmore, Jerry   9/7/2018
Drury, Janet

Elmer Scheid, Tanya

Fay,  Fred
Fitch,  Diane

Garrett Davidson, Lynda Lea 2/25/2019
George Sander, Elizabeth Christine
Gilbert Brydon, Lovedy
Griffin,  Kenneth

Hafey, Robert

Hague,  Harry
Harris, Jeff Todd 4/19/2014
Harvick, Georgia
Haun, Darrel B.
Jan. 2002 
Hemingway,George Thomson
Henry, Phillip Lawrence
Hodge, Ronald Steve
Howard, Don

Johnson, Ken

Kerns, Larry R. 01/17/2014
King, Jimmy Dean 10/02/2017        
Kingery, Stephen
Klippert,  Robert
Kolodge, Mendez, Jeanette 11/30/2008

Lewis, Carol           
Lewis, Sheril Gene  8/15/2005                
Littlefield, Larry (class of '57) 4/16/05
Lux, Robert

McFaul Klopf,  Sandy 5/23/2005

Monson, Charlotte
Moore, John Richard
Morrill, Keith Louis, 10/12/2016
Morris, Ray
Morton Rossi, Donna Sue 12/20/2019

Morton, Ronnie

Nielsen, Ronald
Noble, Ray
Nutt, Thomas Michael 11/07/2009


Paschall, David

Paul, Vicki Jean 12/4/2006
Phillips, Bill L. 03/06/2019
Pierce, Joan
Pollock Grossman, Carolyn
Powers, Pat
Prato, James C.

Raibourn, Carroll
Ramey, Dan
Ramirez, Johnny 4/3/2013
Rettinger, Robert 7/28/2001
Regling Gratten, Patricia Jeanne 8/10/2014
Rice, Bill  
Roberts Ariessohn, Sunny 1/20/13
Rose, David 9/24/1966

Sain Smith, Pat 5/6/2007
Sargent Greene, Anne 3/14/2014
Schilbe Gonzales, Anne
Schneider Lancefield, Judith Ann
Schroeder, Mickey
Sellens, Arthur  2007
Shafer, Ron (2011/2012)
Shea, Patrick Beardsley(05/23/2013)
Sincock, Paul French
Southard, Jentry 
Stevens, Walter 5/29/1966
Stevenson, Bruce                    
Stewart, Sharon
Stone, David A. October/2007
Strauss, Jack Gilbert 5/15/2018
Tanner, Barbara
Taylor, Donald Ray 9/23/2015
Thomas, Al
Thomas, Edward
Torres, John  3/6/2018

Waddell Cerney, Betty 02/08/2011
Waitley, Damon Reynolds10/4/2006
Walter, Irene
Warner Moore, Kathy
Wass, Carole   

Wayman, John Paul 3/31/2008
Wilson, Larry 02/27/2011
Winner Feldman, Muriel 12/20/2019
Woods, Eugene
Wright, Michael Merrick 09/08/2012

Yerkey, Jim G. 02/06/2014
Young, Frances
Zappa, Frank 12/4/1993
Zirker, Norman


The dedicated teachers and staff of
Mission Bay High School

Mrs. Mary Maull, Principal
Mr. Norman Houser, V.P. to the Teachers
Mrs Laura Stubbs. V.P.
Coach Harry Anderson
Coach Garold Spitler
Coach Charles Coover
Coach Shirley Meyer
Joy Fowley
Walter Zmolek



Please email me to let me know if others have passed, to help keep this list up to date. Thank You!

Marie Gilmour Davila, copala@aol.com


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