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In memory of our deceased classmates who crossed our paths and touched our lives.  They remain absent from this world, but forever present in our memories.

Mission Bay High School Class of 1955, Deceased

***If you know of any classmates that have passed away and are not on this list,please contact me at **      or


BRENAMAN, Robert Lewis                                                1999

CORRELL  FINLEY , Beverly Ann  (not verified)

CLARK, James Edward (Jr.)                                                11/29/1994

CRITES, Dayton William (Jr.)                                               

DeFOREST, Ron                                                                  08/13/2004

DICKAU, Robert M.                                                            07/31/1981

ESSLINGER, Robert Phillip                                                  02/12/2000

HALE PEART,  Janice Louise                                               05/23/2004

HARPER MILLER, Mable                                                    10/06/2006

HARRIS CALLARD, Shirley                                                 04/12/2008

HOUSE, James                                                                              2001

JACK, Robert Donald                                                           05/18/1994

LAMP  SMART   , Charlene                                                  08/02/2005

MAINE, Kenneth G.                                                                  12/1982

McKINNEY, Robert                                                            05/01/1985

NOONAN REED, Charmaine Joy                                              12/1990

PADRICK, Lynne LAWSON                                              02/01/1996

PRIDEMORE, Alice Nadine (not verified)

REDDICK, Karl                                                                    09/13/1991

SCHWARTZ, Clem                                                                09/10/2014

WHITE, W. Joseph                                                                    10/1990

SVENDSEN, FREEDA *, wife of Ted Svendsen                        03/26/2015

 *(Freeda did not attend MBHS, but was a friend, and well known to many members of the class of 1955 and 1956.   Ted and Freeda would have been married 54 years on March 28, 2015).