In Memory...

Mission Bay High School Class of 1956, Deceased

In memory of our deceased classmates who crossed our paths and touched our lives.  They remain absent from this world, but forever present in our memories.

If you know of any classmates that have passed away and are not on this list,please contact me at  or

Adams, Robert L.                                                                          1964

Archer DeLa Isla, Carole Lynne                                                     1984 

Anderson, Alan Leroy  (Andy)                                                        12/25/2013

Baxter Gamboa, Victoria                                                                1976

Bear, Marshall Ted                                                                         07/2011                                               

Birdsong, Jimmie Howard                                                               12/29/2006

Blizzard, Dorothea Anne                                                                 02/19/2004  

Boatman, John William                                                                   06/08/1999

Bolton, Jay Jennings                                                                           -----

Brandt, LeRoy                                                                               12/25/1992

Brogan Pittman, M.A. (Mandy)                                                      05/06/2008

Bryce, Johnny                                                                                02/1996

Buck, Frank                                                                                   07/22/1974

Button, Michael Charles                                                                  05/09/2010 

Castle, David                                                                                  10/14/2018

Chavez, Joseph                                                                               07/23/1992

Collins Thorworth, Norman Jean                                                    04/01/2001

Cotton Killion , Esther Joanne                                                         07/14/2000

Crowson, Earl                                                                                 07/24/2009

Dinsmore, William Daniel, Jr.(Danny)                                            03/04/2007

Edwards Paul (Pedo), Suzanne Gayle                                              02/08/2004

 English, Richard                                                                               10/09/2007

Easterly Giegler, LuAnn                                                                   01/01/2019

Folsom, Carl David                                                                          05/15/2016

Gandolfi, Michael Patrick (Pat)                                                         04/11/2014

Garipey Taylor, Liz                                                                            11/1996

Garrett, David D.                                                                               07/22/2006

Giliam, Everett John, Jr.                                                                    10/05/2006

Goad, Robert Charles                                                                        12/23/1991

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