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What's going on ?????

Details of the 47.5 year reunion, November 3-7, 2005! A special breakfast meeting for the class of 1958 has been scheduled for January 27, at the Country Waffle House, 5252 Balboa Ave., at 9:00 a.m. in the back room. Having a 47.5 year reunion, as well as a 50th reunion, will be the topics of discussion.

Ricearoni's Passing the Torch...

December 11, 2004

To: 1958 Taroga Shipmates
From: Deckhand Bill,  Ricearoni

Re: Change of Command

Because of health reasons, I hereby relinquish command of the Ships logbooks, records and of the Taroga.org Website to the talented, beautiful and highly qualified builder of Websites… Vicki Paul.

Vicki was one of the first freshmen attending MBHS in 1954. She served on the second semester of the ASB Commission and was Publications Rep for the Spring Semester as well as serving on the Taroga staff for 3 years, 1 as a laborer, and 1 as the Sr. Editor 1 as editor n chief. She was also a member of the drill team, Modern Dance club, Honors English club, CSF, Pi Sigma as well as being 1 of the Historical MB GAA “Jockettes”.  She will be assisted not only by Chuck McGregor, current class Reunion Chairman, who also was a member of that 1st freshman class serving in the Boy’s Athletics Position for that first year along with his current reunion staff of, Co- Chairperson Kathy Warner Moore, Vice Chairperson/Class Historian Bill Swank, Secretary/ Pat Carrico Willard , Treasurer Pat Sain Smith All of whom  after  playing key roles in student government during the class of 58’s 4 years Voyage, have  stepped up to the plate again. I for one appreciate their dedication and energy.

My hope is that the above group of Alums and future Alums would keep the basic intent & format of the site intact, continuing to be a networking informative tool to keep our class in contact with each other and to be aware of future class events.

Not wanting to forget to mention everyone’s name I must just say "Thank You" to everyone who has helped in the original building, re-organizing and command change. I have always appreciated everyone's comments and Kudos'. 

Taroga.org has been a labor of love for me, and a form of mental therapy as well. I have gladly assumed the cost of our website. I did not expect anything but your enjoyment in return. I have had discussions with our current class Treasurer Pat Sain Smith, (who also held key roles as class treasurer and secretary,) in regards to the cost involved in keeping the site going. It would be my suggestion to contact Linda Martindale Solomon on how the class of 59 sponsors their own site and its financial needs.  

That’s it for now Me Bucco’s. I hope to see you at the next breakfast on January 8th. 

Thanks to all.  I hope I have not forgotten anything, if I did, blame it on that senior disease C.R.S.

Stay Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy and always remember who loves ya.

Billy Rice, AKA-The Ricearoni Deckhand

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The class of "58" invites you to the ALL 50's  BKFST.JPG breakfast  get together.

WHEN: THE 1st Saturday of each month.

TIME: 9:00 AM

WHERE? ....LOCATED AT 5955 Balboa Avenue (at Mt. Alifan/ Mt. Abernathy, San Diego CA  92111 (858) 279-5363


January Breakfast Notes

Guest Reporter:    Bill (Ricearoni) Rice - Thanks, Bill!

It was  a GREAT turnout, for the beginning of the year and in the rain. I  introduced Chuck as the new chairperson of the 58 reunion committee. Chuck took over and gave the floor to Nancy Albright founder of the Palm Springs Event who is leaving for Kona, Hawaii, Wed or Thurs,  so Nancy, Pat Sain, Kathy Warner, Chuck McGregor, Vonnie Varner, Judi Saville were there to get an early ball rolling b 4 she left. Nancy took the floor and began explaining her proposed 47.5 year get together. She then asked for anyone interested to see her in the back for brochures.

The list of people at the breakfast include those 58 alums mentioned above plus: Judi Michael Shacklett and Hubby John, Walter Anderson, Marie Gilmour Davila and Hubby Bob, Wayne Lollis and Wife, Pam Priest Lollis, Kathleen Carpenter Staley & Husband , Margery Crothers Vanderpool, Marilyn Bresser Gilliland and her hubby Stan from the class of 57, Orpha Higley Vasquez, Myself, My wife Pati, Bill Swank and his wife Jeri Lynne.

From the other classes were 59ers Bill Curtis, Rosemary Pleger Jackson, Barbara Grayson Bell, Christiana Wagner.
David Castle from the class of 56.
AND, Mr. Don Quincy Wemple Everyone's Favorite teacher.....
 still looking younger than most of us!!!!!!


#1 Chuck McGregor, Kathy Warner Co-Chairpersons         #2 Nancy Albright discussing 47 1/2 yr. Palm Springs Reunion


#3 1st timers Kathy Carpenter, Margery Crothers(2nd timer)  #4 L-R Christiana Wagner (59), Pam Priest Lollis, Channel 9 T.V. man,
and Marilyn Bresser                                                             John Shacklett, (Judi Michael's hubby)

#5 Front: Kathy C, Kathy W, D. Wemple, Marie G,             #6 L-R: Saville, Varner, Sain, Michael, McGregor,                                                                    
     Bob Davila, W. Anderson. Rear: Vonnie Varner,                       Thelma, Our HARD working Waitress,                                                                    
     J. Saville, Thelma, C. McGregor                                               Walter Anderson, (from the Nursery)

#7 L-R: Bill Curtis (59), Bill Swank, David Castle (56),   #8 L R: Wayne Lollis, Margery Crothers, Orpha Higley,
Jeri Swank (66), Pati Ricearonio (68)                            Rosemary Pleger (59)

#9 LR: Margery Crothers, John Shacklett,
           Wayne Lollis

You never know who might show up!!  

   Crosby    Wemple  Donnelly  McAllister   

    Jinny      Darrell      Santa        Dion  

Howdy       Rhett         James

They've been there, have YOU???????

NEXT BREAKFAST  February 5,  2005


Please spread the news as not all classmates have email privileges. We don't want anyone to be in the dark. Want to volunteer for one of the future sub committees for the BIG 50th??? Contact: Chuck McGregor  or one of the other new officers.



Nora Campos Castro

Phill Hanson

Wayne Lollis

Ronald Shipley (Sackrider)


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 Let me know

January Events


January 27, 2005

A special breakfast meeting for the class of 1958 has been scheduled for January 27, at the Country Waffle House, 5252 Balboa Ave., at 9:00 a.m. in the back room. Having a 47.5 year reunion, as well as a 50th reunion, will be the topics of discussion.



A message from Rey......Thanks everyone for showing your support. Please join us on rehearsal nights at the Vocational School Auditorium next to the Kaiser Clinic off Midway Dr. on  Fordham St. for our  rehearsal on  Mondays 7 pm to 9pm.  It’s a fun couple of hours listening to the Big Band "Old Standards" And there's room to dance.

Copala's Album: Big Band Concert at St. Brigid's Nov.29, 2004

Click on the link above to view the two pictures in this album. After clicking on the link, IF YOU AREN'T AN AOL MEMBER, CLICK ON THE RECTANGULAR BUTTON THAT SAYS "VIEW PICTURE AS A GUEST". As the recipient, you can download, re-share and order prints and merchandise containing these pictures. Please do not use the owner's pictures in an unexpected way.


Gene Lewis continues to Battle his way back from his  operation even though the obstacles continue to fall in his way. Keep up the great work and know that we're all Cheering for ya Geno!!  (click on his name and send him a e-mail) or give him a call...858-569-7710.

From Carol Gillitzer, Harrison, Class of "58"

Hi there, 
We are still up here in the wonderful northwest.  We left in May and are staying pretty close to Spokane by way of staying in the state of Washington until October or thereabouts.  We learned early May that our Greatgrandson Gabe, who is only 3 yrs old, had been diagnosed with cancer.  Since then he has had one kidney removed, alot of very very heavy doses of chemo, transfussions, etc.  He has really gone through hell and we wanted to stay close incase we were needed for anything.  So we have been bouncing around staying 2 weeks here, 2 weeks in our motorhome.  We headed for the cool coast just after June.  Glad we did, it was pretty hot in Spokane.  Looks like we might be back in Lakeside, CA sometime Nov/Dec.

Just wanted you to know what was up with us.

Say hi to everyone for us.   Love  Carol & Ernie Harrison



Sandy McFaul Klopf another 58 Alum continues her R & R after  a serious Bowel Resection operation. Her efforts to regain her weight back is a ongoing battle. I told her of a few ways I seem to be able to keep my weight up. I bet a few of you out there could also add a couple of ideas...Give her a hollar, click here

Ann Garofalo of the class of 59's Hubby Chuck Berryman recently diagnosed with Cancer continues to be Valiant and Optimistic in his R & R.  "Hang in there  Chuck! You da Man" 




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It Happened in  "SEPTEMBER"

ANNUAL ALL 50's PICNIC..IT WAS GRREAT. Over 40 alums, hubbys & wives, Grandkids attended.

Guest book names included:

56 David Castle, Sallie Yates Michel, Pat Gandolfi.

 57 Guyton North, Gary Gillette.

 58 Marie Gilmour Davila and Hubby Bob, Also present Orpha Higley, Bill Barz, Linda Wood Odening and Hubby Walter, Carol Mann Shigley and hubby Leroy, Vonnie Varner Martin and hubby Roy, Jerry Aiyea, Bill Swank, Ricearoni, Ron Sackrider (Shipley) wife Mary Ann, adopted  Grandkids Ashley (8) and Terry (7) Hutchison. 

 59 Ralph Hensley, Mary Bennett Hensley, Donna Gehringer Gillette, Barbara Grayson Bell, Rosemary Pleger Jackson and hubby Bill, Gene Cantot, Ann Garofalo, Jewel Muncrief Hodge, Bob Olivas and wife Shirley, Doug Kresin, Mary Lou Miller Morgan, Larry Bye and wife Pattie, Carol Wallace Macey, Jerry Nealey, Bill Curtis, Shirley Hill Frank, Carolyn Clune, Barbara Jones Gerrior, Christianna Hughes, Jerry Hull and Wife and wife Marie Ruffalo Hull, Mary McIntire Cruz and Hubby Eddie.

60 Sandy Betts Porter, Eddie Cruz

Mr. Adare McAllister and wife Gerry

If your name was not listed please contact me