Mission Bay High School
Class of 1958

What's going on ?????

Our deepest sympathies to the family of Kathy Warner Moore, who passed away March 10, 2006.

Check the bottom of the page for upcoming musical activities of Rey Vinole!


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NEXT BREAKFAST  APRIL 1, 2006 (No fooling!)
The class of "58" invites you to the
ALL 50's  breakfast  get together.

WHEN:  The 1st Saturday of each month.
TIME:    9:00 a.m.

5955 Balboa Avenue
(at Mt. Alifan/ Mt. Abernathy)
 San Diego CA  92111
(858) 279-5363


Rosalee Balcuns, Coco's Saturday manager,
and staff

#1 Christiana Hughes Wagner, Bruce Livermore,
Pam Priest Lollis, Wayne Lollis 

#2 Barbara Grayson, Walter Andersen, Thelma (our waitress standing), Jody Andersen

#3 Orpha Higley, Wayne Lollis (back), Thelma Higley,
(celebrating her 90th 
birthday the next day), Rosemary Pleger Jackson, Barbara Grayson

#4 Bruce Livermore, Pam Lollis (backs), Andy Swank, Bill Swank, Bill Curtis

#5 Bill Curtis, John & Judi Shacklett, Bob Davila &
Bill Swank (standing)

#6 Orpha Higley, Thelma Higley (Orpha and Ted's mother), Rosemary Jackson,  Barbara Grayson, Walter Andersen (back)

#7 Jody Andersen, Ann Greenfield, Wayne Lollis,
Bob Davila & Judi Shacklett (backs)

#8 Walter & Jody Andersen, Ann Greenfield,
Wayne Lollis, Bob Davila (back) 

#9 Bob & Marie Davila, guest reporter and
photographer, Orpha Higley

#10 Marie Davila, Orpha Higley, (part of Thelma H.
& Walter A.)

Here is a list of the gang, and classes (Lots of class here )

Wayne Lollis '58,  Pam Priest Lollis '58,   Bruce Livermore '57, Christiana Hughes Wagner '59,  Ann Greenfield '59,  Jody Andersen '62, Walter Andersen '58, Barbara Grayson '59, Rosemary Pleger Jackson '59, Orpha Higley '58, Thelma Higley ?, Bob Davila '55 (New Braunfels, TX), Marie Gilmour Davila '58, Judi Michael Shacklett '58,  John Shacklett '58, Bill Curtis '59, Bill Swank '58, Andy Swank '59

Guest Report and Photography.....Thanks to Marie Gilmour Davila!

You never know who might show up!!  

    Crosby    Wemple  Donnelly  McAllister   

    Jinny      Darrell      Santa        Dion  

They've been there, have YOU???????


Please spread the news as not all classmates have email privileges. We don't want anyone to be in the dark. Want to volunteer for one of the future sub committees for the BIG 50th??? Contact: Chuck McGregor  or one of the other new officers.


Carol Green

Marie Gilmour Davila
Bill Lansville
Vicki Paul

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Rey Vinole Big Band Concert March 20th at Saint Brigid Church in Pacific Beach, 7pm-8pm. All invited! Rey Vinole Dixieland band, March 23, performs for the mayors of San Diego and Houston, Texas, at the Hyatt. Every Tuesday at Casa Manana in La Jolla, Rey teaches a Dixieland band workshop 7p.m.-8:30p.m.

A message from Rey......Thanks everyone for showing your support. Please join us on rehearsal nights at the Vocational School Auditorium next to the Kaiser Clinic off Midway Dr. on  Fordham St. for our  rehearsal on  Mondays 7 pm to 9pm.  Itís a fun couple of hours listening to the Big Band "Old Standards" And there's room to dance.


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