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Our deepest sympathies to the family of Carole Dean Dudbridge, who passed away April 6, 2006.  

There are also memory pages for Walter Stevens and David Rose, who were both killed in Viet Nam in 1966. Thanks to Walter Schneider and Judith Schneider Lancefield for the information.

David Bruce is sponsoring a picnic at Dos Picos Park in Ramona to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Larry Littlefield's death. It will start at noon, May 27, 2006. For further information:  brucecabin@znet.com.


Chandler cooks up tasty tales of Padres
Jay Posner
March 24, 200

Not every baseball book these days is about steroids.There's still a place for storytelling, which is one thing Bob Chandler always has been able to do.

Chandler no longer broadcasts Padres games, as he did for more than 30 years, but he has taken advantage of his long association with the club to write a book – a book no one is more qualified to write.

“Bob Chandler's Tales from the San Diego Padres,” which Chandler wrote in association with San Diego's foremost baseball historian, Bill Swank, recently was released by Sports Publishing L.L.C. with a cover price of $19.95.

It's a fun read for anyone who has ever followed the Padres. Some of the stories might sound familiar, but others came as news even to Chandler as he prepared the book.

“I talked to Tony Gwynn,” Chandler said, “and I've known Tony since he played basketball at San Diego State. But he gave me some stuff I've never heard him say before.”

The genesis for the book came from Swank, whom the publisher had contacted regarding a book of Padres stories. At lunch one day last spring, Swank told Chandler, “You're really the one who should write this book.”

Chandler said he realized he had been around the Padres longer than just about anyone. He still remembers the day (May 27, 1968) when he was preparing for his evening sportscast at Channel 39 and the news that San Diego had been awarded a National League franchise came across the wires.

“Bill said if I didn't put some of these stories down, they were going to be lost forever,” said Chandler, who will join Swank at 7 tonight (March 24 2006) for a book signing at DG Wills Books, 7461 Girard Ave. in La Jolla. “He said you don't get rich on these books, but it is kind of a legacy.”

Chandler began working on the book in May and finished about six months later. Don't look for a sequel.

“I think I've probably written my one and only book,” said Chandler, although he already has thought of 30 more stories he could have included.

Among the gems in the book are the pictures, not only to get a look at some of the old Padres, but also to see what Chandler (and others) were wearing in the '70s.

“My daughters are so embarrassed,” Chandler said, laughing. “They would say, 'Dad, you're not using that picture? With those pants?' I've never been a fashion plate anyway.”

He remains an avid fan, though, visiting Petco Park at least a couple of times each homestand and watching most of the games on TV. Now 68, Chandler said he's not retired, “but the phone isn't ringing a lot.” He worked about a dozen “Outta Left Field” shows on Channel 4 San Diego last season; it would be nice if the station could find a regular role for him.

Chandler generally plays golf twice a week, usually with a group of old (and middle-aged) baseball men such as Norm Sherry, Bob Skinner, Roger Craig and Alan Trammell. In fact, in the book Chandler writes that he told Padres manager Bruce Bochy of a recent round with that foursome – all of whom have been fired as major league managers.

“I'll tell you one thing,” Bochy said in the book. “I'm never playing golf with you!” 



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The class of "58" invites you to the
ALL 50's  breakfast  get together.

WHEN:  The 1st Saturday of each month.
TIME:    9:00 a.m.

5955 Balboa Avenue
(at Mt. Alifan/ Mt. Abernathy)
 San Diego CA  92111
(858) 279-5363


Rosalee Balcuns, Coco's Saturday manager,
and staff
Due to work by SDG&E, Coco's was closed at the time of the April breakfast.

You never know who might show up!!  

    Crosby    Wemple  Donnelly  McAllister   

    Jinny      Darrell      Santa        Dion  

They've been there, have YOU???????


Please spread the news as not all classmates have email privileges. We don't want anyone to be in the dark. Want to volunteer for one of the future sub committees for the BIG 50th??? Contact: Chuck McGregor  or one of the other new officers.


Chuck Vanderhoef

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Rey Vinole Big Band Concert March 20th at Saint Brigid Church in Pacific Beach, 7pm-8pm. All invited! Rey Vinole Dixieland band, March 23, performs for the mayors of San Diego and Houston, Texas, at the Hyatt. Every Tuesday at Casa Manana in La Jolla, Rey teaches a Dixieland band workshop 7p.m.-8:30p.m.

A message from Rey......Thanks everyone for showing your support. Please join us on rehearsal nights at the Vocational School Auditorium next to the Kaiser Clinic off Midway Dr. on  Fordham St. for our  rehearsal on  Mondays 7 pm to 9pm.  It’s a fun couple of hours listening to the Big Band "Old Standards" And there's room to dance.



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