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What's Going On?

August 2007


Picnic Time Sunday, September 9, 2007

Put this on your calendar as a "save this day".  It is the day for our annual All-50's picnic.

We always have a great time and want everyone to be there.  Orpha plans to be there early to stake out our spot, so let's show up and show our appreciation.  Look for the banner!!

This is a BYOE event (Bring Your Own Everything).

 Don't forget:  food, beverages, and chairs    --also sunscreen, camera, old pictures, yearbooks, frizbees, Hula Hoops,etc. 

DATE:  September 9, 2007

TIME:  10 am to 4pm  (the time is flexable;  you will not be marked late if you don't show up at 10 )

PLACE: De Anza Cove, near the golf course


everyone invited     Saturday Breakfast Bunch      everyone invited

There was a "bunch" at breakfast on August 4th.  We were glad to see Pati Rice back with us, as well as a couple of newcomers from the class of 1958, Pat DeFore Barr and Sheila Mura, and from 1956, Bill Warren.


   Sheila Mura & Pat Defore Barr between Bob & Pam         Bill Warren next to classmate LuAnn Easterly Geigler


                                       We were glad to see Pati Rice (upper right, talking to Orpha)

Others there were:

Class of 1956:  Bill Warren; Lu Ann Easterly Giegler and hubby Don (class of '54 in Illinois); Ray A. Hacecky; David Castle

Class of 1958:  Judi Michael Shacklett & John Shacklett; Pam Priest Lollis & Wayne Lollis; Bill Lansville; Orpha Higley; Marie Gilmour Davila and Bob Davila (class of '55, Texas); Bill Swank; Walter Andersen & Jody Andersen (class of '62)

 Class of 1959: Bill & Mary Curtis; Barbara Grayson; Rosemary Pleger Jackson

The next breakfast is  September 1, 2007

The Class of '58 invites YOU to the all '50's breakfast get together

Where: 5955 Balboa Ave (at Mt. Alifan/ Mt. Abernathy) logo.gif

                                            When: The first Saturday of the month

                                             Time: 9:am

Remember!!! September 1...breakfast     September 9...picnic


Big 50

The 50th Reunion of the our class will be on October 4, 2008, at the Mission Bay Yacht Club

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