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November, 2007

Well, we are getting into the holiday time.  November is here and the days get dark sooner, especially since we have gone back to standard time.  Personally, I like getting up in the morning after the sun comes up.  This is another month of health awareness. It is Alzheimer's Disease Month, Diabetes Month, Epilepsy Month, and Hospice Month.  However it is also Apple Month (which at a stretch could be considered a health reminder), and Drum Month.  There is a Family Caregivers' Week-which should probably be more like a year.  And I totally missed World Kindness Day on November 13, and didn't remember to wear my "Kiss Me; I don't Smoke" tee shirt today, November 15, which is National Smoke-Out Day. Darn.

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November 11, 2007, was Veterans' Day. I hope you all go back to the Home page and look at the little picture put there by Bill Rice. It is truly appropriate for both Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving.  It says: " For the troops protecting our freedom, we give thanks".  Thanks, Bill for that reminder.

This November 11 was also the third day of the Susan B. Koman Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk for the Cure here in San Diego.  I did not walk, but our daughter-in-law, Cara, came out from Virginia to walk so we got to take a small part in the event.  From the driving her on day one (Nov. 9) to the Del Mar Fair Grounds at 5 something in the morning , to cheering her on as she passed on Cass St. , by Konos on the board walk, and by the Fleet Science Museum  (on day 1, 2 , & 3 respectively) , to squashing in with a huge crowd at Petco Park parking lot to watch the closing ceremonies on day three , it was one of the most uplifting and inspirational experiences my husband and I have ever had.  There were more than 4000 walkers and many of them were limping along the walk and into the stadium.  Many were cancer survivors and many were there because they had lost someone to cancer. There were also many, like Cara, who fortunately had not been touched by this disease, but just wanted to help. It was a wonderful three days.  They raised over $12,000,000.

If anyone has information on the Koman 5K Race from Balboa Park held on November 4, 2007, please let me know. Did anyone we know, besides Ann Greenfield, run in it, and how did the fundraising go?    Marie

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Of course we all know that November 22, is Thanksgiving.  Last year we ate at the Thanksgiving buffet at the San Diego Zoo.  We enjoyed it so much that we are doing it again this year!  We go see our friend, Clyde the Orang first and then eat around noon.  No dishes.  Since our family is all over the place, this is the way to go for us.--If you have some cool way that you spend Thanksgiving let us know (my mom used to go to Las Vegas, and I just found out that is where our soon to be next-door neighbors-whose house is not completely renovated yet-will be going too this Thanksgiving).  Tell us FELLOW BUCS

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November 22, 1963

This year Thanksgiving falls on an especially memorable day.  Do you remember what you were doing on November 22, 1963?   Almost everyone our age remembers.  I do.                                      .....................................................................                        I was in Ft. Lee, Virginia.  I was vacuuming the floor.  I had the radio on to an FM station which had only music, no talking whatsoever.  Suddenly I thought I heard a voice, which surprised me,  but I couldn't hear exactly what was being said.  I heard something about a president being shot, and sort of wondered "president of what", thinking maybe the president of a company, or a foreign country, or something like that.  It did not sink in at first that the speaker was talking about the President of the United States, our own country!      Where were you? What were you doing?  I'd like to hear from you.   Remembering

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November 3, 2007

Everyone welcome!!                    SATURDAY BREAKFAST BUNCH       Everyone welcome!!

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Here is the happy group, looking forward to the holidays. Some of us were joking, and some doing some serious thinking.  Still having a good sized group, although some will be absent at next months breakfast.  We all had a good time and overstayed our welcome as usual.                                                                                                                                                                     Those attending were:                                                                                                                                                                 1956: Ray A Hacecky, LuAnn Easterly Giegler & Don Giegler (from La Grange Illinois, class of 1954)                                        1958: Judi Michael Shacklett & John Shacklett( Grossmont Hi, class of 1957), Bill Lansville, Orpha Higley, Wayne Lollis, Pam    Priest Lollis, Marie Gilmour Davila & Bob Davila (New Braunfels, Tx, class of 1955),  Sheila Mura,  Bill Swank,                 Walter Andersen & Jody Christman Andersen (class of 1962, MBHS)                                                                                   1959:  Bill Curtis & Mary Dudley Curtis (class of 1962), Ann Green field, Christiana Hughes Wagner, Barbara (Bobbie) Grayson, Rosemary Pleger Jackson                                                                                                                                        




Mary & Bill Curtis, John & Judi Michael Shacklett, Bill Lansville,             Orpha Higley, Wayne Lolllis, Chrissy Hughes Wagner,

Bobbie Grayson                                                                                        Pam  Priest Lollis

pam, ann                        bobbie, luann

Pam Lollis, Ann Greenfield, Jody & Walter Andersen                                      Bobbie Grayson, LuAnn Easterly Giegler & Don

 luann & don               bob, bill s.

LuAnn Easterly Giegler & Don; Ray Hacecky, Sheila Mura                       John & Judi Shacklett, Bob Davila, Bill Swank

The next breakfast is December 1, 2007

You are invited

Where: Coco's Bakery & Restaurant  5955 Balboa Ave (at Mt. Alifan/ Mt. Abernathy)

When: The first Saturday of the month --December 1, 1007

Time: 9:00 AM

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