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Please scroll down past the breakfast pictures for current information about the Big 50, our 50th Reunion!


January 2008

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Well, here it is, a brand new year to do with what we want--or is it going to do to us what it wants??!!  I really (honest) had this page done and on the site really early in the month.  Then I got a new computer, and I did something ?? and managed to make the page disappear-forever.  Now I am getting acquainted with the new machine and hope everything goes well, or you will be looking at the "Christmas Edition" for a long time.  As lovely as it is, some current news will be nice.  So lets go with :

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Next breakfast February 2, 2008

First Saturday Breakfast at Coco's

January 5, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night.  Whoops, that is another story.  It was a dreary, rainy morning and the only thing that kept me from going back to bed and snuggling in was the thought of missing the breakfast.  We (hubby & I) figured there would hardly be anyone there, but what a surprise.  We had a roomful, including a couple of newcomers--welcome to you, and come again.

Here are those that came in out of the rain:

Class of 1956:  David Castle, LuAnn Easterly Giegler & hubby, Don (from LaGrange, Ill 1954), Raymond A.Hacecky

Class of 1957:  Bob Zamba, Jay Stockham (Jordan)

Class of 1958:  Marie Gilmour Davila & hubby, Bob (New Braunfels, TX 1955), Judi Michael Shacklett & husband, John (Grossmont High), Pat De Fore Barr, Sheila Mura, Orpha Higley, Walter Andersen & wife, Jody (class of 62), Bill Swank

Class of 1959: Christiana Wagner Hughes, Bill Curtis & wife, Mary Lynn Dudley Curtis, class of 62), Rosemary Pleger Jackson, Bobbie Grayson

Jody, Walter, Bob

Jay (Jordan), Pat, Sheila, & Orpha                                                    Jody, Walter, Bob, David, Rosemary

bill, john, judichrissy,mary

Bill Curtis, John Shacklett, & Judi                                                              Christiana, & Mary

Bob Z., Don, LuAnnbill s., bob d

     Bob Zamba, Don & LuAnn, Raymond                                                 Bill Swank, Bob Davila, Bobbie

The breakfast is held the first Saturday of the month at 9AM.  The next one is February 2, 2008, so after you get up and check on your groundhog, head on up to :

Coco's Bakery & Restaurant, 5955 Balboa Ave (at Mt. Alifan/Mt.Abernathy)

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The MBHS Class of 1958 50th Reunion Committee has agreed on "Five Days of Celebration" for our "Big Five-O Reunion." Save these dates and mark your calendars. This is the tentative schedule of events:
Thursday, October 2, 2008: Morning Golf Tournament, Evening Mission Bay Cruise aboard the Bahia Belle
Friday, October 3, 2008: Mission Bay High School Tour, Football Game, Evening Cocktail Party
Saturday, October 4, 2008: Reunion at the Mission Bay Yacht Club
Sunday, October 5, 2008: Picnic at DeAnza Cove
Monday, October 6, 2008: Breakfast and Mission Bay Bike Ride or Mission Bay Walk

Our top priority is finding as many classmates as possible as soon as possible. Join the committee to help find lost classmates.
Thanks to the efforts of our previous reunion organizers, we have money in the bank. The reunion dinner will be free for classmates. There is a room capacity limit, so to insure that people will attend, a small fee must be paid when reservations are made. This money will be returned at the reunion. Spouses and "dates" will have to pay for their dinner, but the cost will be reasonable. 

Please immediately send e-mail to Bill Swank (wgswank@san.rr.com), Marie Gilmour Davila (copala@aol.com) or Vonnie Varner Martins (vonnievm@gmail.com) to let us know if you will be attending the reunion. It is very important that we have your correct address and e-mail address if you have one. You are welcome to join any of the sub-committees. Pick the event you would like to help with and let us know. 

A special goal is to find classmates who have never attended a reunion before. Our 50th is going to be very special because our classmates are very special. Whenever Bill Rice would find a classmate, that person instantly became his new best friend. We want to convey that Ricearoni spirit to make everyone know how important they are to the MBHS Class of 1958. 
We want you at the reunion!  

Go Bucs!


More to come

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