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What's Going On?


March 2008


Joel Spring, one of our classmates, who is a professor at Queens College and Graduate Center at City University of New York, sent us some pictures of his wife and family.  His wife, Naomi is a publishing editor for Routlerge/Taylor & Francis.  Thanks Joel.

Joel_with_son giant buddaweb_island

Joel with son & daughter-in-law in Uruguaylast September      Joel & Naomi in Hong Kong                       Cabin built by Joel on an island     in December 2006                                  off of Sitka , Alaska                           

If you have pictures and adventures to share, please contact me:  copala@aol.com                     

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 Saturday Breakfast Bunch

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The First Saturday of the month

Next Breakfast-April 5, 2008

Be there

We had a really big group here for the breakfast on March 1, including some newcomers and some who hadn't been here for awhile.  We hope they all return.

Here we are

Class of '56:  Joan  & Roy A. Hacecky, LuAnn Easterly Giegler & hubby, Don (class of '54, La Grange, Il), Richard            (Daughtery)Thorton, Clifford Burton Mowrey & wife Jan, Donna Gibson Shuffler, Betty Minga Brown

Class of '58: Marie Gilmour Davila & hubby, Bob (class of '55, New Braunfels, TX), Aline Minga Brown, Judi Michael     Shacklett & hubby, John ( class of '57, Grossmont), Bill Lansville, Orpha Higley, Bill Swank

Class of "59: Christiana Hughes Wagner, Barbara Grayson, Rosemary Pleger Jackson, Billy Curtis & wife, Mary Lynn       Dudley Curtis (class of '62), Jeri Lynn Swank, Ann Greenfield


Bill Curtis, Don Brown, Aline Minga Brown                                                             Jeri Swank, Judi Michael Shacklett

RichardJan Mowry                                      richard_cliff           

      Richard Daughtery                              Jan Mowrey, Donna Shuffler                                                                Richard, Cliff Burton Mowrey

LuAnn                                         ann_bob    

        LuAnn, Ray, Don, Jan                                                                                                              Ann, Bob, Joan

bill_john                    rosemary   

                     Bill Swank, John, Bill Lansville, Orpha                                                                  Rosemary, Christiana, Mary


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More to come.  Marie