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June 2008  
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Well, I hope to get the June page done, before June is gone.  My husband & I were in Virginia the first part of the month.  It was very hot the last few days and we were happy to get back to San Diego.  It was great to see our two grandsons though (and their parents too).
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Bill Swank had a lot going on the first part of the month.  He attended the Negro Leagues draft in Orlando, Florida on June 4.  It looks like he had a great time there, and sent some terrific pictures.
Here is what he has to say about it:

What an honor to attend the Negro Leagues draft at the 2008 MLB Amateur Draft in Orlando! You'd never believe that Emilio Navarro is 102 years old! He was the first Negro Leaguer to greet us when we arrived at our hotel in Disney World. He was doing "the twist" and some abbreviated squat burpees. A delightful human being.

His son, grandson, great granddaughter all tried to convince him to sit on my lap, but he refused. He said he was too old to sit on Santa's lap...

jim lee                       santa and emilio  
Jimmie Lee Solomon, Tito Martinez,                                                                                   Santa with Emilio Navarro
Emilio Navarro (102 years young), Dave Winfield          
emilio                             irv.  
Emilio Navarro and Tony Oliva                                                                            Irv Castillo, Emilio Navarro, Joe Scott (2008 Negro League


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Medical  News  


There is  a free seminar scheduled for Thursday, June 26, 2008,  6 pm -8 pm
at St. Brigid Parish Hall  4735 Cass St. in Pacific Beach
For more information see the "Bulletin Board" page  
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First Saturday Breakfast  
Everyone Welcome coco's Everyone welcome  
             June 7, 2008

I missed the breakfast this month due to the fact that we were still in a plane returning from Virginia at the time.  I don't have any pictures at this time, but do have an idea of who was there.
Carole Ann Smith Hanen (class of 1958) and her husband, Bud, were here from Arizona, and I am sorry I missed them at the breakfast.
From the class of 1956, LuAnn Easterly Geigler and her husband Don were there, as well as David Castle and Ray Hacecky.
From the class of 1958 there was Walter & wife Jody Andersen, Orpha Higley, Wayne & Pam Priest Lollis, Donna Small,
Judi Michael Shacklett & husband John, Bill & Jeri Swank, Pat Defore, Sheila Muir Barr.
From the class of 1959 There was Ann Greenfield, Bill Curtis, Bobbie Grayson.

Many Thanks to Walter and Jodi Andersen for the names.  If I missed your name, or any that you know about please let me know.
                 Next Breakfast
                 July 5, 2008-- 9 a.m.
                   Coco's  Bakery and Restaurant
                      5955 Balboa Ave (at Mt.Alifan / Mt. Abernathy

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                    June Birthdays  
              Andy Cribbs
             Keith Morrill
                Lee Ann Rogers Taylor
              Bill Swank

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