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             July 2008  

Wow!!It's July already, and almost half over at that.  Only a few more months until our big 50th reunion.  Things are going good in the planning and we will be getting more information out through this web site, and e-mails.   
I  like to find out what special days we have in a month, or what is special about a month.    Apparently July is all about food.  It is 
Blueberry month, Hot Dog month, Ice Cream month & anti-boredom month (which is all about food, right?).                                                     
The days are --should I say "yummy"-maybe not. But there is a National Raspberry Cake Day on the same day as Caviar Day (ugh), several days dedicated to different flavors of ice cream: one for peach, for vanilla, & a creative flavor day. Then there is a Junk Food Day, Cheese Cake Day, Milk Chocolate Day....If that has your New Year's resolution all shot to..welllll, there is a National Take Your Pants for a Walk Day   ( the idea being that the pants contain your well fed body).   Other than that there is a National Nude Day and a Pandemonium Day, both on the 14th-       whoops you missed it!.  I missed my day too; July 2 is I Forgot Day .                                                                                                                  
Of course everyone knows July for our most important holiday, Independence Day.  Without this day we would not have any of the others.    
We do celebrate with hot dogs, and ice cream.  I am not sure about the raspberry cake or the caviar, but I bet junk food is right up there on the menu.  
If all this puts you in a patriotic mood, check out this site.  Give it a second to start up; you don't have to click on anything else once you have clicked on this link, it will start by itself.  I bet we all heard this when we were small children, but not recently.  It is a perfect number for the

fireworksFourth of July     fireworks

First Saturday Breakfast   
Everyone welcome!         coco's  Everyone welcome!  

Where: Coco's Bakery & Restaurant  5955 Balboa (at Mt. Alifan / Mt. Abernathy)

When: The first Saturday of the month.  Next breakfast August 2, 2008

Time: 9 A.M.


July 5, 2008  
We have been having a great turnout for the breakfasts, and it is especially nice when we have newcomers to the group.   
Those gracing us with their presence were:  
Class of 1956: Betty Minga Brown, Patsy G. Davis Lilley, Lu Ann Easterly Giegler & hubby Don (class of '54 La Grange, IL), Ray Hacecky, Donna Olsen (who was here for the first time-Welcome Donna, hope you come back)
Class of 1958: Pam Priest Lollis & hubby Wayne, Bill Lansville, Marie Gilmour Davila & hubby, Bob (class of '55, New Braunfels, TX),
Donna Small Brown, Sheila Mura, Pat DeFore Barr, Walter Andersen, Judi Michael Shacklett & hubby John (class of '57, Grossmont),
Bill Swank
Class of 1959: Barbara Bell Grayson, Bill Curtis and wife Mary Dudley Curtis, Christiana Hughes Wagner, Ann Greenfield
There will be a few pictures on this time.  The photographer, who shall remain nameless, had her camera set for nighttime-due to a fruitless attempt a couple of nights before to capture some pictures of the grunion run.  However, once the error was discovered I (oops) got some good pictures.  I will not subject you to the ugly blurry ones.  
Pam Priest Lollis, Christiana Hughes Wagner, Wayne                         Donna Olson, Patsy Lilley, Betty Minga , Ann
Lollis                                                                                                  Greenfield, Pat DeFore Barr, Bill Lansville
walter-mary-bill             sheila-donna-bill  
Walter Andersen, Mary & Bill Curtis, Bob Davila                                  Sheila Mura, Donna Small Brown, Bill Lansville,
Bill Swank (standing-talking to John Shacklett), Judi                              Wayne Lollis
Michaels Shacklett, Pam Priest Lollis
patsy-b-minga       don-luann-ray  
Patsy Lilley, Bess Minga Brown, Ann Greenfield, Pat                Don Giegler, Lu Ann Easterly Giegler, Ray Hacecky,
DeFore Barr, Donna Small Brown, Bill Lansville,                       Barbara Grayson, Walter Andersen, AND
Wayne Lollis                                                                             THELMA, the waitress
Happy Birthday
July Birthdays
Ken Bale
Wayne Fink
Teddy Higley
Veronica Parry Star
Pam Priest Lollis
(Jean) Anne Sargent Greene
Donna Small Brown
Bill Mann
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Should your name be here?  Let me know, please.  Marie Davila                                                                                                           
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