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          AUGUST 2008  


These pictures were taken in July, but at the end of July, so we are posting them here, now.  It looks like July was an exciting time for Carol Green Jahrsdoerfer.

carol green  
Carol Green  
These photos were taken during Navy Captain Michael Fisher's Change of Command Ceremony in Georgia on July 25, 2008.  
Captain Fisher and his sister,                                    Captain Fisher with his very proud mom, Carol                   
Laura Fisher-Davis                                                    Green Jahrsdoerfer

Carol writes: "The Change of Command ceremony was the greatest event I've ever seen. I've always been a fool for any guy in uniform. I don't even know how to tell you what it did to my heart. Just think, my son is top gun now. As to my health, it's great too. I'm almost a new person."                                                            

                      Congratulations to you, Captain Fisher, and to your family!! 

                           PICNIC TIME IS COMIantNG
Dust off your lawn chairs.  Sunday, September 7, 2008  (the day after the First Saturday Breakfast),  is the day you have been waiting for.  The all 50's picnic is set to be held at the usual spot at DeAnza Cove.          Look for the MBHS banner,  which is put up early by Orpha Higley,
olhigley@juno.com  .                                                        

This is a  BYOE (bring your own everything) event.  So don't forget: food, drinks,  something to sit on,
sunscreen, hat, camera, ...
This is a casual happening.  Starts about 9ish, ends  about 4ish.  Dress for comfort.  Have a good time.

First Saturday Breakfast   
Everyone welcomecocosEveryone welcome  

Where: Coco's Bakery & Restaurant  5955 Balboa (at Mt. Alifan / Mt. Abernathy)

When: The first Saturday of the month.   9 a.m.

We had a great crowd at the breakfast Saturday.  It was especially nice because we had two first timers from the class of      1956, Howard Sauter and Larry Lusk.  We also had the pleasure of meeting the daughter of Lu Ann Easterly Giegler, Karen Charette.  So we had quite a roomful; we had to spread the tables out end to end.  But we all had a great time, as usual.          
Those making up the mob were:  
Class of 1956: the afore mentioned Howard & Larry (welcome to you both), Betty Minga Brown, Joan Fredericks Hacecky & Raymond Hacecky, David Castle, LuAnn Easterly Giegler with her husband, Don (class of 1954 LaGrange, IL, and her daughter Karen  
Class of 1958:  Sheila Mura, Pat DeFore Barr, Judi Michael Shacklett & hubby John (class of 1957, Grossmont), Pam Priest Lollis & Wayne, Bill & Jeri Swank, Orpha Higley, Marie Gilmour Davila and husband, Bob (class of 1955, New Braunfels, TX), Walter & Jody (class of '62) Andersen, Donna Small Brown
Class of 1959: Ann Greenfield, Bill Curtis and wife Mary Lynn Dudley Curtis (class of '62), Barbara Bell Grayson, Christiana Hughes Wagner, Rosemary Pleger Jackson,  
And here's how we looked.  Thanks to Ann Greenfield for taking the pictures (I'm in one!!)  
ray-h                            joan-h  
             Raymond A. Hacacky  ('56)                                                             and wife,  Joan Fredericks Hacacky   ('56)                    
jody-marie                   bob-walter  
 Jody Andersen,  Marie Gilmour Davila called each                                  Bob Davila & Walter Andersen  didn't bother
other to see what hairstyle they should wear today!                  
wayne                     donna             david  
          Wayne Lollis ('58)                                    Donna Small Brown ('58)                                   David Castle ('56)  
Betty Minga Brown  & first timer, Larry Lusk                                   Don Giegler & first timer, Howard Sauter  
                                                                       Y'ALL COME BACK   
barbara-judi-jeri                             john-s  
Barbara Grayson Bell, Judi Michael Shacklett, Jeri Swank                                                John Shacklett   
LuAnn Easterly Geigler & daughter, Karen Charette                                 Sheila Mura, Pat DeFore Barr ('58)  
                  Christiana Hughes Wagner, Bill &Mary Dudley Curtis 
 Pam Priest Lollis (Mission Bay H.S.-class of 1958) is happy
 that she got the chance to pose with a valuable relic, Bill
Swank (False Bay H.S.-class of 1558). 
After graduation, due to his ability to remain impassive for long
periods of time, Bill found work as the figurehead on the
MBH Ship, Taroga. After many years at sea, he was retired
from service. Great care has been taken to keep him from
deteriorating, as male figureheads are rare and extremely
valuable. Although he a little salty, and has a few rough edges
 (think "splinters")that need smoothing, he is remarkably well
He can be seen at Coco's on the first Saturday of the month.
Get there early; people flock to have their picture taken with
Happy Birthday           
                                                                        Marguerite (Marge)Anseth Hostetter   
                             Jerry Ativeh                                              
Bill Barsz                 
 Don Bowles                   
Ron Carr                  
Billy Dunbar                 
George Hemingway                  
Ron Shafer                
Donna Taylor Hahn                 
Larry Wilson              

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