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September, 2008


Last month I didn't put in what some of the special days were in August, and I haven't looked them up for September yet. BUT I did see somewhere??? that September 19th is "TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY"

Thought you would all like to know that. Arg!!!


Well, I am getting an early start here so that I can put out these pages of information about the reunion.  There are several pages, in glorious technicolor, and then one in black and white-out of consideration for your printers.  You can print out the black and white pages so you have the schedule of events.  It will take about two pages.  Of course, you are welcome to print out the colored pages too, but they will take more pages. Just click on the parrot to get started.

                         parrot Just click on the parrot to get started.



Don't forget the All-50's picnic on Sunday , September 7

9AM until about 4PM at DeAnza Cove

Bring your own food, chair, beverage, sunscreen, .....

We look forward to seeing you there.


Happy Birthday to  you!


September Birthdays

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Bonnie Beck Ricca

Marilyn Bresser Gilliland

Kathy Carpenter Staley

Phil Cherlin

JoAnn Harding Lyerla

Jerry Hawkins


First Saturday Breakfast

Everyone welcome coco's Everyone welcome

September 6, 2008

We had a nice big group here this Saturday with another newcomer.  Those enjoying the attention of Thelma were:

Class of 1956: David Castle; Betty Minga Brown;  Patsy G. Lilley; LuAnn Easterly Giegler & husband, Don Giegler (class of '54, Ill.), Ray A. Hacecky

Class of 1958: Marie Gilmour Davila & husband Bob (class of '55, New Braunfels, TX); Pam Priest Lollis; Donna Small Brown; Bill Swank & wife, Jeri;

                          Orpha Higley; Bill Lansville; Linda Moreno Robertson; Walter Andersen & wife, Jody (class of 62); Sheila Mura, Judi Michael Shacklett &

                                   husband, John ( Grossmont Hi class of '57) 

Class of 1959: Christiana Hughes Wagner; Rosemary Pleger Jackson; Carol Meneely Parker-welcome newcomer; Ann Greenfield; Bobby Grayson


      bob-marie                                               sheila

                    Bob Davila & Marie Gilmour Davila                                                                                                       Sheila Mura

don-ray                         luann

                 Don Giegler ; Ray Hacecky                                                                        Patsy Lilley; LuAnn Easterly Giegler


            Judi Michael Shacklett; Jeri Lynn Swank                                                                         John Shacklett 

              Betty                               walter

                           Betty Minga Brown                                                                                         Walter Andersen;  David Castle

orpha                                    Bill

               Orpha Higley;  Bill Lansville                                                                         Bill Swank with our hardworking waitress, Thelma

              linda                                                 pam

                      Linda Moreno Robertson                                                                                        Pam Priest                      


                 Rosemary Pleger Jackson                               Christiana Hughes Wagner                                  Carol Meneely Parker;  Bobby Grayson Bell

Next Breakfast-October 4, 2008

Everyone Welcome 

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