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          October 2008

We had a wonderful 5 days of the Big 5-0   50th Reunion.  Here are some pictures to save me a "thousand words."
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Everyone welcome coco Everyone welcome 
October 4, 2008

9 AM
5955 Balboa (at Mt. Alifan/Mt. Abernathy)
Well, it is almost November and I haven't finished the October "What's Going On?" page yet.
I got distracted by the reunion (BIG), and then a trip to the state of Texas (BIG), so I am just getting to the report on the breakfast (BIG) of October 4th.
What can I say about the breakfast this month--Oh, it was BIG!!  Oh, I said that.  We had a huge group of 1958 classmates and spouses that had come for the reunion. We even had some newcomers from the classes of 1956, 1957, &1959 to add to the usual 20 or so that we have for breakfast.  We had our regular meeting room, plus another meeting room, and some of the classmates still overflowed out of those rooms and into the rest of the restaurant. 
Coco's was chaos!!!
Here is a list of most of the attendees ( I am sure I missed some).
Class of 1956:  Ray A. Hacecky; LuAnn Easterly Giegler & Don ( LaGrange, IL '54); David Castle; Patsy G. Lilley; Gene Brokow
Class of 1957:  Jerry Sandlin & Lynn (Justin High '63); Guyton North
Class of 1958:  Jimmy King & Carolyn (MBHS '59); Judy Sandlin Cherne; Pat Neehan Cline; Carol Mann Shigley; Ted Higley & Judy; Larry      Beyersdorf & Kimberly; Pat Shea; Lonny Moyer & Shirley; Marie Gilmour Davila & Bob (New Braunfels, TX '55); Pat DeFore Barr; Sheila Mura; Tom Reinshagen & Rita; Bill Dague; Dotti Slapak Peripoli; Bill Swank & Jeri Lynn ('66); Judi Michael Shacklett & John; Bill Lansville; Wayne Lollis; Pam Priest Lollis; Mario Ramirez; Carole Smith Henen; Walter Andersen; Orpha Higley; Ed Renger; Jan Soule Stewart; Vonnie Varner Martin; Nancy Albright Albright; Judith Schneider Lancefield; Chuck McGregor; Gary Crowley; Chuck Lemon; Bobby Hitson; Jerry Hawkins; Donna Small Brown; Linda Moreno Robertson; Karen Young Bowling; Anne Sargent Greene; Trudie Ninomya Kaneko; Cindy Myers Twerdechlib; Lorraine Cairne Barkdale &Bill; Bill Cartwright; Ronny Hodge & Jewel Montcrief Hodge (MBHS '59); Kathy Carpenter Staley; Carol Hoe
Class of 1959: Ann Greenfield; Carol Moneely & husband; Barbara Grayson Bell;

Please, please, let me know if you were there and your name is not here ( I had a sign-in sheet, but it didn't reach everyone, and I saw some spouses there that hadn't signed in and I added them to the list, but I know I didn't get everyone.
Also, if your name is misspelled, please let me know.  Thanks   Marie
orpha                       larry                         crowd
Orpha Higley & brother Ted;                               Larry Beyersdorf & wife, Kimberly                                                         Part of the mob.
Bill Curtis ('59) in front 

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