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        October 2009
Well, here we are in October already.  It has been a whole year since our 50th Reunion.  We celebrate Columbus Day this month on October 12, and of course Halloween on October 31.  There are more cool pictures on the internet for Halloween than for Columbus Day, so to be fair here I should write a few lines about Columbus-at least about his ships.  There is a replica of the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria (built in Spain) residing in the city of Corpus Christi, TX.  There are tours for the Pinta and the Santa Maria.  My family and I toured the two ships when we lived in Corpus Christi, and they are nothing like the cruise liner down at the dock here in San Diego.  I was totally impressed by the size of them.  Impressed because I would not have gone across the bay in either one of them, and Columbus and his men went across an ocean, and with no map.   Here is a link to some information about the ship museum.

If you go there to check them out, say "HI" to our classmate, Tom Nutt, who is living in Corpus Christi now.  Hi, Tom!

October's stone is the opal, and it is really hard to find a pretty printed picture of an opal. Most of them look plain white, and the little sparkley things don't show, but I think I found one.
opalMost opals come from Australia, which is where another of our classmates is living.  Veronica (Roni)Parry Star lives in Broome, Australia. So when you go to get opals, say "Hi" to Roni.   


Help Wanted

We were given this 8x10 photograph by San Diego High School historian Don King who found it in their archives. It appears to be from the 1950s. Can anyone identify the ROTC cadets in this photo?

The picture is not too clear shrunk down to fit.  Click here to see a better view of the three faces. There is a fourth behind the flag.  If you recognize any of these young men please let us know. 


October 3, 2009
Everyone welcomecocoEveryone welcome
Next Breakfast November 7, 2009

9 A.M.

 5955 Balboa Ave. (at Mt. Alifan/Mt. Abernathy)

We had a smaller, but lively group this Saturday.  Several of our regulars were absent this time, but we had a couple of newcomers who we were glad to see.  Gary Denison and his wife, Virginia,  came down from Murrieta, CA, to be with us.  Gary had a bone marrow transplant from his sister in December as treatment for leukemia.  He is now free of the disease.  They had been at the All-50's Picnic on the 13th of September, but this was their first breakfast with us.  Hope they will be back.

Here we all are:
Class of 1956: Betty Minga Brown; Patsy G. Lilley; LuAnn Easterly Giegler with husband, Don (class of '54 IL); David Castle; Ray A Hacecky & wife, Joan Hacecky
Class of 1958: Gary Denison & wife, Virginia (class of '61, Chula Vista); Orpha Higley; Walter Andersen; Sheila Mura; Pat DeFore; Pam Priest Lollis & hubby, Wayne Lollis; Marie Gilmour Davila & husband, Bob (class of '55 TX)
Class of 1959: Ann Greenfield; Barbara Grayson Bell
                                                               Some Sad News
The day after this breakfast, the nephew of Aline Minga Brown ('58) & Betty Minga Brown('56) was killed in an accident with his jeep in the desert.   Their nephew, Greg, was 45 years old, and left a 16 year old son and a mother of whom he was the caretaker. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.

                                                          Pat DeFore; Sheila Mura; Walter Andersen
pam             orpha  
       Pam Priest Lollis; Pat DeFore; Sheila Mura                        Orpha Higley (ready for her closeup);  Ann Greenfield  

   Patsy            don
           Joan Hacecky; Ray Hacecky; David Castle                            Don & LuAnn Easterly Giegler; Patsy Lilley; Betty Minga
gary               bob  
                Virginia & Gary Denison                                                         Marie Gilmour Davila & Bob Davila; Wayne Lollis  


Happy Birthday to You!

             October Birthdays
         Click on an underlined name to send a birthday greeting

           Nancy Albright
          Christopher Columbus
       Orpha Higley
      Larry Isham
      Mike McIntire
      Walter Schneider
     Mike Wright
     Pat Wright

Should your name be here?  Let me know, Marie.

*********YEARBOOKS ON CD*******

Since graduation there have been floods, hurricanes, fires...and, maybe the most disruptive of all, moving. If somehow you are missing any of your beloved Taroga yearbooks, all is not lost.

David Castle has 1955-1960 yearbooks on individual CD's.  They are $25.00 each, which includes shipping and handling.

Contact David Castle at


  Local  Stuff
For classmates living in the San Diego Area, or coming to visit
          3:00 p.m. on the Football Field
      Mission Bay Bucs vs. Hoover High

and the printable flyer
Pacific Beach Woman's Club

Arts & Craft Show and Sale
used book saleleavesbake sale      
November 7, 2009

Get a start for the holidays. Click on the wreath to get all the information and a flyer you can print.


Gardening Classes at Walter Andersen's Nursery


 A series of free gardening classes is being held at the nurseries of classmate, Walter Andersen,  in San Diego and Poway on Saturday mornings. For the Schedule of classes, please click on the flower above.


Musical Notes

Rey Vinole is back to having his Big Band rehearsals at West City Community College Center at 3249 Fordham Street in Point Loma on Mondays from 7 PM to 9PM.   Come and dance or listen to the music. 

For another style, Tuesday nights from 7PM to 9PM the Dixieland Band is at the ORCHARDS, 4040 Hancock Street, Point Loma

His schedule for other performances this year :

A dinner dance at the Soledad Club in Pacific Beach in October

November 16-22, Show Orchestra at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri for the American Royal National Championship

December 31, the New Years Swing Band will be at Coronado Shores. 



The All-50's Annual Picnic was held on Sunday, September 13, and we had a great day for it, nice and cool under "our" oak tree.  For the pictures and to see who showed up...Click here... All-50's Picnic




Please let me know if you have any news or pictures to add to the pages .  Marie

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