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December 2009




Well we are getting a jump start on the holiday season.  Santa was busy at the breakfast on Saturday after a long evening at Balboa Park on Friday. 


 ray                 wayne

Ray looks as jolly as Old St. Nick                                    Wayne doesn't know about the happy ending yet.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Santa is coming to Walter Andersen's Nursery on

Sat. Dec. 12 from 11 AM-1 PM.  3642 Enterprise St.


There will be cookies, hot dogs, and photos of you & yours with Santa


The event at Walter Andersen's Nursery was a GREAT success!  The hotdogs were great(grilled, um boy), the cider was great, the cookies were great, the photos were great, and of course "our Santa" was great.  Walt & Jodi's granddaughter was a lovely "Santa's Helper".  Santa appeared to have a great time too, having everyone on his lap from infants to some folks older than us, and even some dogs--I mean real canine type dogs. We even had some more classmates show up.  Janet McDonald Walz was there, and John Moore (with his service poodle,Kassie). Click here for More


After the breakfast on Saturday, our busy Santa went to MCAS Miramar to read to the families of 5000 marines. I don't think they sat on his lap this time. 

  young                         the colonal  
                                Santa with young marines                                                                                  The Colonel and Santa  


                                               Santa and the Grinch at the Bob Hope Theater at MCAS Miramar   


First Saturday Breakfast Bunch

December 5, 2009

everyone welcomecocoeveryone welcome

Next breakfast, January 2, 2010

5955 Balboa Ave. (at Mt. Alifan/Mt. Abernathy)

We had a great group on Saturday, although we did miss Orpha, who was under the weather and couldn't get our.  I am glad to say that she is doing better now.

Those attending were:

Class of 1956: Patsy Lilley (Davis); Betty Minga Brown; Ken Stone; Raymond A. Hacecky & Joan Hacecky; LuAnn Easterly Giegler & hubby, Don(class of '54, IL); David Castle

Class of 1957: Bruce Livermore

Class of 1958: Marie Gilmour Davila & hubby, Bob (class of '55, TX); Judi Michael Shacklett & hubby, John (class of '57 Grossmont Hi); Bill Swank & Jeri Lynn (class of '66); Wayne Lollis & Pam Priest Lollis; Walter Andersen & Jody;

Class of 1959: Bill Curtis & wife, Mary Dudley Curtis (class of '62); Christiana Hughes Wagner; Ann Greenfield; Rosemary Jackson; Bobbie Bell

         jody                          rosemary
 Jody Andersen; Patsy Lilley; Betty Minga Brown; Ken Stone                                     Rosemary Pleger Jackson; Don Giegler
    don                     bruce  
     Don & LuAnn Giegler; Joan Hacecky; David Castle                      Bruce Livermore; Bill Curtis; John Shacklett; Bob Davila;Jeri Swank  
     wayne             pam
   Pam Lollis; Christiana Wagner; Ray Hackecky; Wayne Lollis        Walter Andersen & Jody; Santa Swank; Wayne & Pam Lollis      
     mary          thelma  
            Santa S.; Wayne & Pam; Chrissy; Mary Curtis                    St. Thelma gets a gift from Santa (a collection from the group)  


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