Mission Bay High School
Class of 1958

What's going on ?????    in December, 2005?

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Feliz Navidad! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Bohdi Day! Happy Winter Solstice! And a very happy new year to all!

Did you know that only female reindeers keep their antlers during the winter?

And speaking of that jolly man in the red suit - Santa's been busy this year!

Dear Fellow Bucs,
My apologies to the November birthday people! They will be listed with the December birthdays since I didn't update in November. I have an ulcer that was finally diagnosed in late November.  I'm still not on the right treatment - waiting for another test to be approved - so I've fallen behind in updating this. HMOs are one of those things that have not improved our quality of life, as I'm sure you all know!

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NEXT BREAKFAST  January 7, 2006
The class of "58" invites you to the
ALL 50's  breakfast  get together.

WHEN:  The 1st Saturday of each month.
TIME:    9:00 a.m.

5955 Balboa Avenue
(at Mt. Alifan/ Mt. Abernathy)
 San Diego CA  92111
(858) 279-5363


Rosalee Balcuns, Coco's Saturday manager,
and staff

Wayne Lollis 58/ Bill Swank 58


Bob Davila (Marie Gilmour's Hubby) Bill Swank 58, John Shacklet, wife
Jerry Atiyeh 58, Orpha Higley 58, Sandy Betts Porter 60

Bill Curtis 59, Christiana Hughes Wagner 59, Pam Priest Lollis 58, Atiyeh, Porter, Marie Gilmour Davila 58, Jodi Christman Anderson 62 & hubby Walter Anderson 58, Davila, Swank

Curtis, Vonnie Varner 58, Priest, Lollis, Atiyeh, Porter, Gilmour, Swank

Curtis, Hughes, Priest, Lollis, Atiyeh, Porter

 Rosemay Pleger Jackson 59, Curtis, Varner, Hughes, Priest, Atiyea, Lollis, Gilmour, Christman

Gilmour, Swank, Christman, Anderson

Atiyeh, Swank, Gilmour, Christman, Anderson
Photographer.....Ricearoni FullaBaloney

You never know who might show up!!  

    Crosby    Wemple  Donnelly  McAllister   

    Jinny      Darrell      Santa        Dion  

They've been there, have YOU???????


Please spread the news as not all classmates have email privileges. We don't want anyone to be in the dark. Want to volunteer for one of the future sub committees for the BIG 50th??? Contact: Chuck McGregor  or one of the other new officers.


novembER December
Leroy (Duke) Hanson Nick Chamberlain
Julie Hagedorn Laders Phil Henry
Gerrie Griffin Bill (Ricearoni) Rice
Frank (Bion) Gordon  

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David Castle (56) was in Las Vegas for the Professional Bullriding Finals and kindly invited me to attend with him. What a show they put on! It was really exciting, right down to the last minute!
Here we are with a nice cutout of Reba McIntire. That's Reba with the red hair!

Medical Updates

Please keep Charlotte Monson in your thoughts and prayers. She had surgery December 7 and was going to recuperate at a friend's home. I haven't heard how she's doing yet. She wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!


A message from Rey......
Thanks everyone for showing your support. Please join us on rehearsal nights at the Vocational School Auditorium next to the Kaiser Clinic off Midway Dr. on  Fordham St. for our  rehearsal on  Mondays 7 pm to 9pm.  Itís a fun couple of hours listening to the Big Band "Old Standards" And there's room to dance.


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