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December 2019


Everyone welcome!First Saturday Breakfast BunchEveryone welcome!
December 7, 2019

Next Breakfast
January 4, 2020
9 AM
Elijah's Restaurant and Deli
761 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Well, we are almost at the end of 2019, and I am almost at the end o f this page.  We had a lot going on in December,  I had managed to do "something" to my back, so had a lot of pain, which made it difficult to sit at the computer for very long.  Also, we went to Texas in the middle of the month, for Christmas, and I really had not been able to to do much on the computer before we left; I just got the page name and the pictures ready to go on the page.  Now I hope to get done before the next breakfast...maybe. 
We did make it to Walter Andersen's for the visit from Santa, and we enjoyed that, as usual.  There was a nice big crowd and all seemed to enjoy themselves. The little kids were great, and excited to see Santa. Santa arrived looking spiffy in the shades that he needed to wear due to a reaction ( swelling around the eyes) from sone surgery on his head recently.  He was his usual Santa self, and everyone loved him. 

Now to the breakfast.  We had a pretty big group again, dispite some classmates being away at that time.  We had a visit from an MBHS classmate from 1990.  I think he is there  every month with a group also, and he comes over to say "Hi" to us all. Sandy Shortt visited with a customer at the restaurant, and they are in the pictures also.  We are a very friendly group.  Everyone being NICE for Christmas...well, they are always nice.
Here is the nice friendly group.:

Class of 1957: Carolyn Saar; Tom Groot; Bruce Livermore & wife, Nancy (Banning High, LA)
Class of 1958: Marie Gilmour Davila & husband, Bob ('55, NBHS, New Braunfels, TX); Wayne  & Pam Lollis; Sheila Mura; Frank (Bion)Gordon; Walter
                         Andersen; Bill Swank & wife Jeri Lynn ('66);
Class of 1959: Bill Curtis & wife, Mary Lynn Dudley Curtis ('62); Christiana Hughes Wagner; Sandy Shortt
Class of 1990: visitor, Todd Scott
                               bob                                     marie
                                   Marie does exist.  Here she is with hubby, Bob   ...................................................wearing a special shirt for Pearl Harbor Day
                           sandy                  bruce
                  Bill Swank; Walt Andersen; Bion Gordon                               Sandy Shortt talks with a "civilian" customer                              Bruce and Nancy Livermore
              grott               wayne             sheila
                 Carolyn Saar; Tom Groot; Todd Scott                                       Wayne Lollis; Bob Davila; Bill Swank                                          Sheila Murra; Jeri Swank;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Pam Lollis; Chrissy Wagner;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mary Curtis
                                          bob walt                                      billc  
                                             Walter Andersen; Bob Davila                                                                                         Mary and Bill Curtis
                                                                Santa makes his grand entrance,  at Walter Andersen's
                                            Nursery, led by his favorite cheerleader



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