Class of 1958
Happy New Year!!
January 2020
                                                                                         donna                                                     muriel
                                                                                  Donna Sue Morton Rossi                                         Muriel Winner Feldman
  It is too bad to close a year this way,  but I have recently been informed that two of our 1958 classmates passed away on the same day near the end of 2019.
  Both Donna & Muriel passed away on December 20, 2019.  Please keep the families of these two classmates in our thoughts and prayers.
Here is the e-mail from Warren Whittier regarding Donna Sue:
 I have just learned of Donna’s death.
Apparently, Donna had fallen in late October or so; a broken hip and arm resulted
Donna lived in Santee, and was preceded in death by her husband Tony a few years ago.
She died on December 20, 2019, with her daughter Laura by her side.
Warren L. Whittier
Here is the information that we received from Margery Crothers Vanderpool about Muriel:
Sorry to hear the news about Donna.  Unfortunately, I have been needing to write to you on the same subject.  Another of our classmates, and longtime friend of mine, passed away, ironically, also on December 20, 2019.  Muriel Winner Feldman.  She lived in the Chicago area with her husband, they had been married 60 years, had 5 children.  Her burial was held the day after Christmas.
With us all pushing 80 these are going to continue to occur.  Hope you and yours are doing well, and have a good new year.
Margery Crothers Vanderpool

                                           Hi to ALL,  from Down Under
 I had been wondering how classmate, Roni Parry was doing in Australia, with all the fires., So I was glad to get an e-mail from her on January 9, and it looks like things are ok, for her anyway.   
I am always glad to hear from her since she always mentions that she has been looking at the Taroga site, usually before I send out the e-mail about it. 
In this one she mentions Walter Schneider, but I have not had contact with him either; his e-mail address is no longer valid, and hasn't been for a several years.
I am sending on her e-mail as it is meant for us all.
I so appreciate  looking on and finding you all sitting around having coffee.  What a handsome bunch we are. 
     I am still searching for Walter Schneider.  I last heard from him two years ago.  I wrote to the American consulate the other day.  They may have a record of ex pats.  If anyone knows about Walter, class of 58, please let me know.  
           Cheers, roni*     Go Bucs!    

Everyone welcome! January 4, 2020 everyone welcome!
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February 1, 2020
9 AM
Elijah's Restaurant & Deli
7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
We had a large group to start off the year, more than 20. And that was with some of the regulars still out for Christmas vacation.  We pretty much filled our area. 
Class of 1957: Anna May Southworth; David Fisher; Lavon Jones
Class of 1958: Orpha Higley; Marie Gilmour Davila & husband, Bob; Sheila Mura; Bill Lansville (good to see you again); Wayne & Pam Lollis; John Shacklett;
                 Phil Cherlin;Walter Andersen; Frank Bion Gordon; Gary Denison, wife, Virginia('60 CV HI), & granddaughter, Cassidy; Bill & Jeri Swank
Class of 1959: Sandy Shortt; Bill Curtis & wife, Mary Dudley Curtis ('62);              

          orpha            bill                                

       '59 Chrissy; '58 Pam; Bill Lansville; Orpha;                          '59 Sandy; '58 Walter; Bill Swank                                  '57 Dave; Anna May; Lavon  

                                      wayne                                     bill c
                                          '55, TX Bob; '58 Wayne; Bion                                                                 '59 Bill & Mary Curtis; '58 Sheila
                virginia            jeri                john
               '58 Gary & Virginia with Cassidy Denison                  '66 Jeri Lynn Swank; '59 Chrissy                                                John Shacklett
                                  phil                                              cassidy       
                                       '58 Bill Swank; Phil Cherlin                                                                            Cassidy lets her hair down             

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