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November 2017
                   Jimmy King    jim    
We have some sad news to report.  Classmate, Jimmy King, passed away on October 2, 2017.  His wife, Carolyn, wrote a touching notice to us, which I will copy
Jimmy and I had been looking forward to attending the next class reunion and visiting with everyone.  He had his special "reunion" shirt  ready for the toast in the parking lot with Bill Swank.  Unfortunately, we won't be able to attend.  Jimmy passed away Oct. 2 after a short but courageous fight with stage IV renal cell carcinoma that had metastasized in his lungs.  He was diagnosed in April.  We went to M.D. Anderson where we were given hope there were treatments to help him.  His body could not tolerate the first treatment.  By the time the immuno-therapy was started, his cancer had become too advanced for treatment.  We are thankful his quality of life was relatively good until the last 2 1/2 weeks of his life. 

We both enjoyed the Class of '58 reunions so much.  We loved renewing friendships and making new ones.  I will cherish these memories forever.  I hope to visit San Diego again and attend a Saturday breakfast.
Peace to all,
Carolyn King   
See Jimmy's obituary by clicking on his name on the "In Memory Of" page.
                                                                                              The famous "REUNION SHIRT"
                                                                                                Jimmy King & Bill Swank
                                                                                                     at The 50th Reunion
Lane "Mac" McPhee
October 19, 2017
   And one more...not a classmate, but a well-loved teacher, MR. "MAC" McPhee passed away peacefully at home on October 19, 2017. He was 95 years old.   Classmate David Redding sent us the information along with this message: 
   I had spoken to him just a week before as he was recovering from surgery. He told me he didn’t mind dying…he'd had a wonderful life.                                                

Everyone welcome! First Saturday Breakfast Bunch Everyone welcome!
November 4, 2017
Next Breakfast 
December 2, 2017
9 AM
Elijah's Restaurant & Deli
7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
We had a great crowd (29)here today & a good time was had by all:
Class of 1956: Ray & Joan Fredericks Hacecky; Betty Minga Brown; LuAnn Easterly Giegler & Don ( '54, LTHS, LaGrange,IL)
Class of 1957: Carolyn "Sue" Young Potts; Tom & Marilyn Groot; Bruce & Nancy Livermore ( L.A.); Sam & Eloise Franks ('62); Dave Fisher;
                              LaVon Vansteele Jones
Class of 1958: Marie Gilmour Davila & Bob ('55, NBHS, New Braunfels, TX); Orpha Higley; Sheila Mura; Pam Priest Lollis & Wayne;
                           Judi Michael Shacklet & John ('57, Grossmont High); Walter Andersen; Larry & Kimberly Beyersdorf
Class of 1959: Bill Curtis & Mary Lynn Dudley Curtis ((1962); Carol Meneely Parker; Ann Greenfield Puckett
       bill c.            sue         orpha
                            Bill & Mary Curtis                                                       Carolyn Potts; Carol Parker; Orpha                            Orpha Higley; Sheila Mura; Marilyn  &
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Tom Groot
    david f.               ann          bruce           
  David Fisher; Bruce & Nancy Livermore                                      Ann Greenfield; Walter Andersen                                                        Pam Priest Lollis
    joan           larry                   luann
   Betty Minga Brown; Ray & Joan Hacecky                                                  Kimberly & Larry Beyersdorf                                     LuAnn Easterly Giegler & Don
    bob            bob                   judi   
                  Sam I& Eloise Franks; Bob Davila                                             Bob Davila; Wayne Lollis                                                        John Shacklett & Judi Michael Shacklett
                                                                                                And here I am.  I really do exist!!
Ok, Guys... We have a lot "Going On" this month.  Some has happened; some is happening; some will happen, probably sooner than I am ready for it. 
Shortly after our Breakfast on November 4, several classmates met on November 8 at the Great Plaza Buffet to discuss some ideas for a future happening:
The 60th Reunion of the Class of 1958 in 2018. When I get more information about the decision that were made I will let you know.
   bill         me            swank
     We had some familiar faces here, and some who we haven't seen in awhile.  It was good to see them all.   In no particular order:
Bill Swank; Nancy McElvain; Margaret Belmain; Linda Morino; Margaret Ryan; Phil Hanson; VonnieVarner; Nancy Albright;  Judi Michael; and Marie Gillmour

  Santa will be seeing you at:  Walter Andersen's Nursery on Saturday, December 9, 2017,  from 11 AM-1PM. 
 If you have been here before, you will remember what a great  event it is.  Besides Santa & his helpers, there's free hot dogs, free, popcorn,  free photos from Nelson Photos, and some more surprises.
If you have been here, you should remember the fun, and we will see you again.

Walt and Santa are, of course, old friends from Mission Bay High School, Class of 1958.
Buccaneers, Ancient Mariners and Pop Warner football players are welcome to bring their
grandparents, parents, spouses,kids, grandkids and dogs to this annual get-together at:

3642 Enterprise Street, San Diego, CA (619) 513-4900.
November Birthdays

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                                                                                                                  Walter Andersen
                                                                                                                Frank (Bion)Gordon
                                                                                                                      Gerrie Griffin

                                                                                                              Julie Hagendorn Land
                                                                                                               Leroy (Duke) Hanson
                                                                                                                      Jimmy King
                                                                                                                Aline Minga Brown
                                                                                                                  Warren L.Whittier
 If your name should be here, let me know, please Marie
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                                                                                                                   Nick Chamberlain
                                                                                                                   Peter Carl Hansen
                                                                                                                        Phil Henry
                                                                                                            Dolores M. Reeb Moliere
                                                                                                                       Ron Ridgers
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                                                                                                                        David Bruce
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