Class of 1958
What's Going On?
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Nancy Albright will be in San Diego in early November 2017. All 1958 MBHS Classmates are invited to attend a lunch meeting to discuss ideas for our 60th Reunion scheduled for 2018.

We will gather at the Grand Plaza (Asian) Buffet, 1840 Garnet Avenue (Pacific Beach) on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 11:30 AM. Senior lunch will cost less than $10.

Everyone is invited for their input. This will probably be our last Class of 1958 reunion as other MBHS classes from the 1950s are discussing shared reunions in the future.
October 7, 2017
                                                                                        everyone welcome!       gl elijah  greveryone welcome!
  Next Breakfast 
  November 4, 2017
   9 AM
    Elijah's Restaurant & Deli
     7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
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We had a large, happy group on Saturday, with 28 people, including Pam and Wayne Lollis' daughter, Jill,visiting from Colorado.
Here is the crowd.
Class of 1956: Joan Fredericks Hacecky & husband, Ray
Class of 1957: Sam Franks & wife, Eloise ('62); Sue Young Potts; Carolyn Stone Saar; Ted Higley (also '58); Bruce Livermore & wife, Nancy;
Class of 1958: Marie Gilmour Davila & husband, Bob ('55, NBHS New Braunfels, TX); Gary Denison & wife, Virginia ('61); Orpha Higley; Walter Andersen;
                          Frank Bion Gordon; Charles Parker; Wayne & Pam Lollis, & daughter Jill Lollis Armstrong('85).
                          Sheila Mura; Nancy McElvain Servatius; Bill Swank
Class of 1959: Ann Greenfield Puckett; Rosemary Pleger Jackson; Bill Curtis & wife, Mary Lynn Dudley Curtis (1962); Chrissy Hughes Wagner
                         orpha          sam        ann
              Virginia & Gary; Orpha; Ted                                                Bion; Sam & Eloise Franks                                           Ann; Walter; Charles Parker
         bruce       joan     bill c
              Bruce & Nancy Livermore; Rosemary                             Nancy M.; Wayne; Sheila; Ray & Joan                            Bill & Mary; Chrissy; 
     sue                cat               bat                  jill   
        Carolyn Stone Saar; Sue Young Potts                                                Bill                                   Marie                           Jill Lollis Armstrong & Pam; Bob D.


  Nancy Albright Albright
Orpha Higley
      Larry Isham
      Mike McIntire
      Walter Schneider
Pat Wright

November Birthdays
      Nick Chamberlain
       Peter Carl Hansen
        Phil Henry
         Dolores M. Reeb Moliere
          Ron Ridgers
          Rey Vinole
            David Bruce 
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